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Overview of all our family lawyers associates in the Guelph - Wellington Area. Contact any of our professionals today.

Ian Brown - Brown Family Law

About Ian:

Ian is a family law lawyer based in Guelph. Trained in collaborative practice and mediation Ian has the experience and skills necessary to ensure his clients receive excellent legal representation at a reasonable expense. As a sole practitioner, he works directly with clients, one-on-one, to ensure that they make well informed decisions with confidence. For more information please visit his website at www.brownfamilylaw.ca

Speed River Collaborative member Christopher Unruh

Christopher J. Unruh Law Office

About Christopher

Chris is a family law lawyer based out of Fergus, Ontario. Chris was trained in collaborative family law in 2011 and has found collaborative practice to be a successful way to negotiate long-term settlements at a lesser cost and with a much higher level of satisfaction for clients than the traditional litigation approach. If you are considering collaborative family law, Chris offers a free one hour consultation and would be happy to explain the collaborative family law process in greater detail.
Please visit: www.ferguslaw.ca

Speed River Collaborative member Colin J Thurston

Colin J. Thurston - Wolfe - Smith & Forster LLP

About Collin:

Colin is a lawyer with the law firm Wolfe, Smith & Forster LLP in Fergus, also serving clients in Guelph in association with Guelph law firm Nelson, Watson LLP. Colin’s practice focuses primarily on family law, and the resolution of disputes relating to parenting and support, equalization of net family property, property claims and other issues related to family breakdown. Colin is approachable and is a strong advocate of resolving disputes out of the courtroom wherever possible. Please visit:

Jennifer Black - Sorbara Law

About Jennifer:

Jennifer is an experienced Lawyer, Collaborative Law Professional and Mediator. Jennifer is well aware of the financial and emotional burden that litigation can cause and devotes much of her practice to resolving matters outside of court, whether it be through negotiation, collaborative family law or mediation. She is experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of family law, including custody, access, child support, spousal support and property issues and has extensive experience in preparing separation agreements, cohabitation agreements and marriage contracts. Please visit:

Speed River Collaborative member Nora Sleeth

Nora Sleeth - SV Law

About Nora:

Nora is a family law lawyer at SV Law’s Fergus/Elora office. She assists clients with a variety of family law matters, including separation, divorce, parenting, and property issues. Nora enjoys meeting new clients and works to understand individual interests and priorities. She prides herself on being honest and resolution-focused.

Ashley Tim SV Lawyer Guelph speedriver collaborative

Ashley Timm - SV Law

About Ashley:

Ashley is a family law lawyer at SV Law’s Guelph office, serving Guelph and surrounding areas. Her practice encompasses all areas of family law, including parenting plans, child and spousal support, and property issues including those arising from interests in pensions, businesses, and trust claims. Ashley has a passion for alternative dispute resolution and is trained in collaborative family law. She enjoys working with clients to minimize conflict and structure creative resolutions.